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First published August 2016
Revised October 2016 to add SFTP option, RAM drive and awb setting
Revised January 2017 to add GPIO trigger, UPS, temperature sensor and SSH installation change
Revised February 2017 to combine previous separate scripts into single multi-threading program (v6)
Revised February 2017 to include startup email option (v7) and improved UPS
Revised March 2017 to provide more flexible email and upload options (v8)
Revised April 2017 to reference Pi Zero W and a 3G update (v9)
Revised April 2017 to fix timed and regular trigger bugs (v10)
Revised April 2017 to add remote management and power saving (v12)
Revised May 2017 to improve movement detection, miscellaneous bug fixes (v13)
Revised May 2017 to add flag to top of web page (v14)
Revised May 2017 to fix disk free space calculation error (v15)
Revised June 2017 to improve remote management and minor bug fixes (v17)
Revised July 2017 to improve web page (v18)
Revised August 2017 to speed up web page loading (v19)
Revised September 2017 to add setup web page (v20)

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